You want to cross the Vogelsberg with your backpack ? No problem ! You can choose between several different routes as well as different grades of difficulties, to learn more about the Vogelsberg region with its unique nature.

While passing sights as, for example the „Museum im Vorwerk“ in Ulrichtstein or the Eppstein Castle (former “Wasserburg”, privately owned) you’ll discover endless forests with innumerable flowers and blossoms, upland moors, rocks and hights of the once largest volcano of Europe.
Watch the birds at the famous “Niedermoser Seen”, only one of the innumerate possibilities.

In close proximity of our contry inn, there is the Hoherodskopf, the highest point of the Vogelsberg.
Pure nature in 650 m height, a special experience far away from the hustle and bustle of big cities.

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